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Orders.co is a comprehensive restaurant growth platform that provides a suite of digital solutions to boost restaurant marketing and operations.
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The Problem

Orders.co, a startup in the restaurant technology sector, faced the challenge of raising funds and generating leads to drive their business growth. 


Their primary objective was to increase sign-ups for their restaurant management solutions, specifically focusing on maintaining the cost of these sign-ups within a set monthly budget.

The task was to attract qualified leads below industry benchmarks, a fast payback period, and a favorable LTV / CAC ratio.  

Our Plan of Action

Paid Advertising Strategy
We launched a strategic paid ad campaign on Facebook to efficiently generate leads, involving audience testing, updating lookalike audiences, and optimizing segments. We also tailored our strategy, using Google ads for chain restaurants and Facebook ads for independent ones.
Landing Page Optimization
Our strategy involved developing new landing pages and optimizing the entire website. This process included aligning their online presence with their transition from a simple ordering and menu management system to a comprehensive partner for restaurant growth.
SEO & Content Marketing
Our content marketing strategy was crafted from the ground up, focusing on driving traffic through engaging blog content and robust SEO strategies. The goal was to establish Orders.co as an expert in the restaurant industry, significantly boosting their online presence and credibility.
Orders.co, testimonial


Remarkable Improvements in Cost-Effectiveness and Visibility
Signup Cost Reduction
This substantial reduction highlights the effectiveness of our targeted ad strategies in reducing acquisition expenses.
Month Payback Period
The customer payback period was shortened to just 3.5 months, showing our marketing approach's increased efficiency and effectiveness.
LTV over CAC
We reached an impressive LTV over CAC ratio, which underscores the high profitability and effectiveness of our customer acquisition strategy
Orders.co, testimonial

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working closely with Azarian Growth Agency for 4+ years and look forward to our continued partnership. [A] Growth has proven to be both the mind and heart of our company’s growth engine. I strongly recommend Azarian Growth Agency if your business is truly committed to investing in transformative growth that goes well beyond your advertising budget.”

Arsen Stepanyan
CEO at orders.co

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