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Growth Hacks to Effectively and Efficiently Grow a Startup with Hamlet Azarian

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In this podcast episode on Connection Loop, Azarian Growth Agency Founder Hamlet Azarian speaks with Ruben Dua about different growth hacks for early-stage startups, primarily related to SEO and partnerships with third-party sites to help build genuine domain authority.

Are you looking to learn how to find quality partnerships?

Is there a new link-building way more in line with PR, so publicists and journalists seek you out?

We first discuss how early-stage startups can get coverage. What is the founder’s story? What is the real why they started the business? What is the problem they are trying to solve?

Hamlet Azarian provides an example of Camino Financial’s founder story, where he helped scale from Seed to Series A. Camino Financial has raised a total of $170.4 million in both equity and debt capital.

Once you have the story, you still need to connect and get coverage.

So how do you go about doing that? Do you send tons of emails and hope someone picks up your story? Or is there a better way?

We explore a data-driven approach to finding publisher partnerships through help marketing agencies, publishers, and brands discover guest posting and backlinks that matter.

The approach is not traditional link-building but focuses on finding mutually beneficial partnerships and creating content. The goal is to make the partnerships as organic as possible and come from a place of trust and mutual benefit. 

This modern approach focuses on getting backlinks, creating valuable content, and building relationships with other websites.

Effectively and Efficiently Grow a Startup with Hamlet Azarian: Key Learnings

1:10 – Introduction

3:35 – Organic Partnership Building for Marketing Agencies

6:27 – Tips for Writing Stories that Attract Readers

10:40 – LinkSignal for Startups

22:50 – Pricing Strategies for Startup Growth Hacks

Mari Melikyan
Mari Melikyan
Mari Melikyan

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