Advanced Email Marketing: AI-Driven Strategies & Flawless Deliverability
Hamlet Azarian

Hamlet Azarian


Hi, I’m Hamlet Azarian, a lifelong learner focused on growth. I’ve spent my career growing international B2C/B2B businesses across various industries, specializing in venture-backed startups that range from pre-seed to early-stage (Series A-B). My passion for helping businesses discover their full growth potential led me to become the Founder and CEO of AGA – a data-driven, full-funnel growth agency that has helped raise over $269.1M in funding for some of the most innovative companies in the tech/SaaS space. I have over 20 years of experience designing tailor-made growth engines for businesses, combining creative + analytical methods to deliver proven, repeatable results. Significant growth starts with a growth mindset and is executed through rapid experimentation, always using data to drive the path forward. Over the years, we’ve helped our clients dominate the digital landscape through high-performing, consumer-centric marketing strategies that utilize cutting-edge growth tactics.