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19 Content Marketing Tools You Must Try

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The modern marketer’s toolbox is filled with myriad options for content creation and distribution.

It can be overwhelming to determine which tools will best serve your marketing needs, from social media management platforms to graphic design software.

However, by carefully selecting the right tools for your specific goals, you can streamline your content marketing efforts and increase overall efficiency. So, what should you look for in a content marketing tool?

Consider factors such as cost, integrations with other platforms, and user-friendliness. And remember to research customer reviews to gauge satisfaction levels among current users.

By taking the time to carefully choose the right and the best content marketing tools for your unique needs, you’ll set yourself up for success in reaching your target audience and achieving desired outcomes.

84% of organizations have a content marketing strategy.

This means that to stand out in today’s competitive landscape, you need to have a solid plan for creating and distributing high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

Here are 19 content marketing tools from Azarian Growth Agency that you should try to help you succeed in your marketing efforts. Keep reading to learn more about each and explore which tools suit your unique needs.

Why Using the Right Tools is Important in Content Marketing

As a content marketer, it’s important to have the right tools to succeed.

A comprehensive understanding of SEO practices and keyword analysis can go a long way in driving traffic to your content.

Social media management platforms can also boost outreach and connect with your target audience.

The ability to collect and analyze data through analytics software is crucial for tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns and detecting areas for improvement.

However, creativity may be the most essential “tool” for content marketers. After all, without fresh and compelling ideas, even the best technical skills are useless.

To stay ahead of the game in the content marketing process, ensure you have all the tools in your arsenal. 

In this article, we’ll help you get to know the most valuable tools used in content marketing and how you can leverage their features to succeed in writing SEO-focused content!

Content Marketing Tools Are Essential for Writers

Creating high-quality content requires a mix of creativity and strategy. It often involves researching, developing an engaging narrative or message, and employing visual design elements.

As a content creator, constantly learning and adapting to industry changes is essential.

Staying up to date with emerging tools and platforms helps to ensure that the content stands out among the noise on the internet.

Content Management and Editing Tools


Copywriters, journalists, academics, and bloggers can use their research to write more effectively.

Airstory is a valuable tool for any creative professional looking to streamline their writing process.

Instead of struggling with cluttered and disorganized documents, Airstory allows users to gather all their research, notes, and drafts in one place.

Airstory allows you to keep your notes sorted with a Kanban board, turn images into cards, export sections as documents, and save them to your library.

The platform’s visual boards make rearranging ideas and structuring a cohesive argument easy.

With features like version control and collaboration options, Airstory also makes it simple for teams to work together on projects.

In short, switching to Airstory can significantly improve both individual and team productivity.

With this versatile tool, you can create great content more efficiently and quickly.


Editing and proofreading content before publication helps ensure accuracy and quality.

Good writing is essential in both personal and professional communication.

But checking for grammatical errors can take time and effort, leading to potential mistakes being overlooked.

This is where Grammarly comes in. Grammarly is an advanced grammar checker that can instantly analyze your writing for mistakes and suggest corrections, saving you time and helping to ensure your work’s accuracy.

In addition, Grammarly can help improve your overall writing style by providing suggestions on word choice, sentence structure, and tone.

Whether crafting a crucial email or polishing a final business paper, Grammarly can help ensure your written communication is clear and error-free. 

With Grammarly plagiarism detection, you can also rest assured that your content is unique and original.

Grammarly has an ever-growing number of users, with 30 million people using it daily.

If you are looking for an easy way to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently, then Grammarly is a must-tool for any content creator.

Hemingway Editor

Whether you’re a professional writer or just starting, this software will help improve your writing.

The Hemingway Editor is a valuable tool for any writer. Its clean interface allows users to paste in their text and immediately receive feedback on readability, sentence length, and use of passive voice.

This level of concise analysis saves time and effort in the editing process.

Beyond pinpointing areas of improvement, the editor also suggests more straightforward word choices and alternative phrases to streamline writing.

Another unique feature is the highlighting of adverbs, allowing writers to consider if their sentences would be more impactful without them.

Overall, the Hemingway Editor is a helpful companion for new and experienced writers looking to polish their work.

Visual Content Tools

When creating visual content for your brand, using the right tools can make all the difference.

From editing images and designing graphics to crafting attractive presentations and infographics, there are various tools available to help bring your ideas to life.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones for your needs.

Researching and testing different tools is essential in finding the ones that work best for you and your brand.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new options as they become available – these tools are constantly evolving, so staying updated on the latest technology can ensure you’re always producing top-quality content that stands out amongst the competition.

Remember – investing in the right visual content tools can ultimately save time and enhance your brand’s image in a big way.


A graphic design platform that helps you create stunning visuals for social media, presentations, posters, and more.

Canva is a web-based design platform that’s beloved by non-designers and professionals.

Its simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create beautiful designs, whether you’re creating a flyer for your next event, a social media post, or even a logo.

Canva offers a library of pre-made templates and elements to make designing your project easier.

You can also upload your own images or use those from the millions of free stock photos available on the platform.

And if you need help with the design process, Canva offers easy-to-follow tutorials and tips.

Best of all, Canva is one of the best free content marketing tools! A few premium features require a paid subscription, but the vast majority of what Canva has to offer is free. 

Over 3.5 billion designs were made using Canva last year- and counting!

Whether you’re looking to create beautiful visuals for your brand or want a tool to make designing quick and easy, Canva is a perfect choice.


Find high-quality stock photos to use in your content or social media posts.

Pexels is a phenomenal resource for anyone in need of high-quality, free stock photos.

From stunning landscapes to contemporary graphics, the diverse selection of Pexels allows for endless creative possibilities.

But the benefits don’t stop there – Pexels also offers free access to video footage and photography tutorials, making it an unparalleled resource for visual content creation.

One aspect that sets Pexels apart from other stock photo websites is its strong community feel – photographers and users are encouraged to interact through likes, comments, and photo submissions.

Pexels provides a one-stop shop for all your visual needs, offering countless options and constant inspiration.

So why not join the millions of users already experiencing the benefits of Pexels? Your next project will thank you.


Artificial intelligence creating images from textual descriptions.

Midjourney is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform that uses machine learning algorithms to transform textual descriptions into visually stunning images.

Whether you need custom illustrations for your brand or want to create digital art for your website or social media posts, Midjourney has you covered.

Unlike other image creation platforms, Midjourney can create images on demand, giving you high-quality visual content in seconds.

Moreover, Midjourney can learn and adapt over time, so it will only get smarter as it goes. And best of all, it’s completely free to use!

When you give a prompt to Midjourney and provide a few descriptive words, the platform will create an image that perfectly captures your vision.

This is a revolutionary tool for anyone looking to take their content marketing strategy to the next level.


A tool to design graphics and create infographics online.

If you’re looking for a way to communicate your ideas and information visually, look no further than Piktochart.

With its user-friendly interface and countless customizable templates, this platform makes it easy to create professional-looking infographics, presentations, reports, and more.

Plus, the extensive library of icons and images allows for a truly unique design experience.

Piktochart offers simple one-click publishing options for sharing online or downloading as a PDF.

The program also allows for uploading original graphics and photos, giving you even more options for personalizing your design. 

You can use Piktochart to create eye-catching visuals for your business materials to stand out from the crowd and get your message across.

SEO Optimization Tools

When it comes to success online, visibility is key. How can potential customers find your website if it never appears at the top of their search results?

This is where SEO optimization tools come in. These tools help analyze and improve your website’s content, ensuring it stands out in a sea of competition.

A world-class website isn’t just visually appealing; it also features strategic keywords and well-structured links.

To achieve this level of excellence, many businesses turn to SEO optimization tools for guidance. 


A powerful SEO platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help boost your website’s search rankings and increase traffic.

Do you need help getting your website to rank on Google’s first page? Say goodbye to those woes with Ahrefs.

This all-in-one SEO tool offers a comprehensive analysis of your search engine optimization, allowing you to track your ranking for target keywords, monitor your competitors’ backlinks, and conduct in-depth site audits.

With its user-friendly interface and constantly updated database, Ahrefs is the go-to choice for any serious web marketer.

But it doesn’t stop there – Ahrefs also provides valuable insights into the content performance of your website and that of your competitors, helping you strategize and improve your marketing efforts. 


Learn more about your visitors’ behavior on your website.

Hotjar, a website analytics tool, provides unique insights into user behavior.

Its heatmap feature visually displays where users click and scroll, allowing you to understand which parts of the page they engage with most.

The recordings capture actual user sessions, providing a firsthand look at navigation and interaction patterns.

Additionally, Hotjar offers survey and feedback tools to gather direct input from your audience.

These features offer countless benefits for improving website design and user experience.

Instead of relying on assumptions or broad data analysis, Hotjar allows you to see and hear exactly how real people interact with your website.

Don’t leave your digital strategy to chance- let Hotjar give you an insider’s look at user behavior.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Learn how to write headlines that will improve your blog traffic.

This online tool not only suggests word variations to increase the impact of your headline but also calculates its overall effectiveness using a scoring system.

Are you targeting a specific emotion? The analyzer can help enhance the emotional marketing value of your headline.

And with integrations to social media platforms, you can easily share your newly improved headline and drive more traffic to your content. 

The analyzer provides feedback and tips on how to craft the perfect attention-grabbing headline. In addition, you can save and revisit headlines, making it easy to experiment with variations.

Organization & Management Tools

Being organized in your business can sometimes feel like a Herculean task – there are endless to-do lists, appointments, and tasks that need to be accomplished.

Finding the right combination of management tools for your specific needs can significantly improve productivity and efficiency. 

To help streamline and automate your processes, look for tools that offer features like project management, task prioritization, and collaboration.


A web-based application that helps you organize and keep track of your projects through Kanban-style lists.

Trello is a visual project management tool that helps teams stay organized and on track.

With Trello, users can create multiple boards to keep track of different tasks and projects.

Within each board, users can create lists with specific cards for individual tasks, complete with due dates, checklists, and comments from team members.

Each card also has the option to add attachments, labels, and reminders to manage workflow.

The best part about Trello is its versatility – it can be used for personal organization or by larger teams in various industries such as marketing, software development, education, and event planning.

Overall, Trello helps increase team productivity and communication while making project management more visually appealing and enjoyable. 

With over 90 million registered users, Trello is a go-to tool for staying organized and productive.


Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with apps that connect your data, workflows, and teams.

Airtable is a cloud-based software that combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of a database. 

It allows users to create customized workspaces, called “bases,” to organize and store information in an easily accessible format.

Using Airtable’s drag-and-drop interface, users can add new columns and rows, upload documents and images, connect related records, and much more.

And because it’s cloud-based, information can be accessed and edited from anywhere on any device.

Airtable offers endless possibilities for individuals or teams looking to streamline their workflow and stay organized.

Whether you’re managing a team project, building a personal to-do list, or tracking inventory for your business, Airtable allows you to quickly input and retrieve information in a customizable and visually appealing way.

Its powerful yet user-friendly design makes it the perfect tool for any task.

Research & Analytics Tools

The internet is full of data, and it can be overwhelming to analyze it.

To help you make sense of the information available, many research and analytics tools can provide insights and help you improve your decision-making process.

With features like data mining and visualization, these tools can help you uncover valuable information about your target market, analyze website traffic patterns, optimize content for search engines, and much more.

Google Analytics

A web analytics service that collects data about website traffic and converts it into insights about your audience.

Chances are, you’ve heard of Google Analytics.

But do you know all it has to offer? From tracking website traffic to helping you understand audience behavior, Google Analytics is a valuable tool for any business or website owner.

It can track specific user actions, such as web pages visits and click-throughs, and it also offers insights into important metrics like bounce rate and average session duration.

And with features like custom report creation and event tracking, the possibilities for data analysis are nearly endless.

But what good is all this information without the ability to use it?

That’s where Google Analytics shines; its platform allows users to easily monitor and adjust their online strategies in real time, ensuring maximum impact and success.

In short, Google Analytics sets the standard for website analytics and provides invaluable support for improving your digital presence. 


Use content insights to develop ideas, produce successful content, keep track of your performance, and find influencers.

With content analysis, influencer identification, and brand monitoring features, Buzzsumo is a one-stop shop for all your content strategy needs.

Want to see how your article is performing compared to similar ones? The content analysis feature allows you to compare shares across different platforms.

Need help identifying key players in your industry?

The influencer identification feature helps you connect with thought leaders and potential collaborators.

Want to keep an eye on how your brand is being discussed online? The brand monitoring feature tracks mentions of your company and products.


Use this competitor analysis tool to get ahead of the competition.

This platform offers many features, including in-depth audience insights, global and country-specific rankings, mobile app analysis, referral sources, and engagement metrics.

The benefits of using SimilarWeb are endless- users can make informed decisions about their digital marketing strategy, identify new business opportunities, benchmark against competitors, and gain valuable industry insights.

In addition to its robust functionalities, this tool offers user-friendly navigation and customizable reports for seamless access to the data you need. 

Exploding Topics

Stay ahead of the curve by finding topics for blog posts, YouTube videos, and more.

Looking for an easy way to find content ideas that will engage and resonate with your audience?

Exploding Topics is the tool for you.

With its advanced algorithm, this platform scours the web for trending topics and helps you identify potential blog post ideas, YouTube videos, social media posts, and more.

When you use Exploding Topics, you’ll always be on top of the latest trends and ahead of the curve.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need to brainstorm ideas to boost your online visibility, this tool has you covered.

All-In-One Tools

These comprehensive tools can help you manage all your digital marketing needs in one place.

With their comprehensive platforms, these tools allow you to create and optimize content, engage with your audience, analyze performance metrics, track competitors, and more.

An all-in-one approach in business can often be the key to success, and when it comes to digital marketing, these tools are perfect for anyone looking to streamline their efforts and maximize results.


A CRM platform that gives you the power to create delightful customer experiences while being simple and fun.

HubSpot is more than just a software platform- it’s a tool to revolutionize your business’s operations.

With HubSpot, you can track and manage your website traffic, analyze data to improve marketing strategy, automate tasks for increased efficiency, and streamline customer communication.

In other words, HubSpot helps you drive growth and boost productivity in every aspect of your organization.

But the true benefit of using HubSpot lies in fully integrating all of these tools into one cohesive system.

No more switching back and forth between multiple programs- log into your personalized HubSpot dashboard and effortlessly stay on top of every aspect of your day-to-day operations. 


Easily manage your content marketing performance by planning, producing, and measuring all in one place.

Brafton is a content marketing platform that empowers you to plan, produce, and measure all your campaigns in one place.

With robust features such as keyword research, campaign planning and execution tools, real-time data analytics, and performance tracking and reporting capabilities,

Brafton allows you to save time while also ensuring high-quality results every time.

Whether you’re looking to boost your website traffic, build a stronger brand presence, or increase ROI, this tool has everything you need to succeed.


If you’re serious about SEO and copywriting, you need to use SEranking.

SEranking is one of the best SEO tools; a comprehensive and efficient solution for all your search engine optimization needs.

With its easy-to-use interface, SEranking simplifies everything from keyword research to competitor analysis.

It also offers website audit tools to identify and fix problems affecting your search engine rankings.

And with its rank-tracking feature, you can continually monitor and improve your search engine visibility.

SEranking even allows for white-label reports so you can easily present the results of your SEO efforts to clients.

In short, SEranking offers everything you need for successful and streamlined search engine optimization.

5 Bonus Tools


It analyzes your website’s performance in-depth, including on-page elements and linking domains.

The tool also offers insight into keyword research and ranking potential, allowing users to adjust their strategies for maximum impact. 


Create stunning newsletters with their drag-and-drop editor, then track their success with detailed analytics.

Quickly build targeted email lists and automate entire campaigns. And with advanced options like landing pages and webinar hosting, GetResponse has everything you need to make a splash in the digital world. 

Learn more about 29 Essential Email Marketing Best Practices that just work.


This tool helps you easily optimize your content to improve readability, meet web writing best practices, create tone of voice guidelines, and more.

With Acrolinx, you can reduce churn and increase user engagement by improving your written content’s quality.


Ceros provides the tools and technology needed to create innovative content that captures customer attention like never before.

With drag-and-drop templates and an easy-to-use interface, this platform makes it simple to create engaging content without any coding experience.

Portent Tone of Voice Generator

Enter a few words about your content; this tool will suggest a tone that fits your needs.

Want something creative and unique? How about “quirky and whimsical”?

Need something long and informative? Try “authoritative and comprehensive.”

The options are endless, so get ready to add surprising flair to your writing.

Get the Most Out of Your Content and Marketing Efforts

While relying solely on the latest multiple content marketing tools may be tempting, it’s important to remember that no tool can replace the tried and true practices of quality content creation, audience research, and consistent branding.

Keep in mind that finding the best content marketing tool is only as effective as its user- no matter how advanced its features may be, it will only achieve success with a well-developed strategy behind it.

So before investing in shiny new tools, focus on honing your marketing skills and perfecting your brand’s mission and message.

Then, you’ll be able to choose the best tools for your specific needs and maximize their potential for successful content marketing.

The success of your content is not flashy technology but rather a strong foundation and a clear vision.

At Azarian Growth content marketing agency, we are experts at creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

With years of experience, we can help you select the best ones for your needs and craft a successful content strategy that drives results.

If you want to take your content marketing efforts to a new and fresh level, get in touch with us today and help us achieve your goals!