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Ashot Arzumanyan: Unlocking the Potential of Pre-Seed Startups in AI, SaaS, IoT, and Biotech | Hamlet Azarian, Ashot Arzumanyan

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In this podcast episode on [A] Growth Ventures, Ashot Arzumanyan, co-founder and partner at SmartGateVC, shares his insights on the potential of pre-seed startups in AI, SaaS, IoT, and Biotech with Hamlet Azarian, CEO & Founder of Azarian Growth Agency

The conversation begins with the unique challenges encountered when investing in early-stage startups, particularly those based in Armenia. Ashot discusses the importance of identifying a “superhero” team capable of driving a startup to success. 

The podcast further dives into a significant industry trend – AI, shedding light on its emerging influence and potential. Ashot underlines the value of fostering partnerships and collaborations with portfolio companies and outlines his views on the future of AI. 

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in early-stage investments and emerging tech trends! So, stay tuned!

Unlocking the Potential of Pre-Seed Startups: Key Takeaways

01:36 – Introduction

02:07 – Challenges Faced As An Early-Stage Investor Especially In Investing In Startups Out Of Armenia

06:43 – Identifying A “Superhero” Team

11:43 – Successful Investments Made By Smartgate VC

15:55 – Discussing One Of The Emerging Trends In The Industry: AI

24:00 – The Value Of Partnerships And Collaborations With Portfolio Companies

27:20 – The Future Of AI According To Ashot

30:14 – Talking About The Armenian Ecosystem And Targeting The Us Market

About Podcast Host

Hamlet Azarian, the host of the Growth Ventures Podcast, is a seasoned growth expert with 20 years of experience. As the CEO of Azarian Growth Agency, he’s raised over $269.1M for groundbreaking tech startups. Balancing data-driven strategies with creativity, Hamlet is passionate about helping startups reach their full potential. Tune in to learn from this Southern California-based innovator, entrepreneur, and family man.

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