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Facebook and Google Ad Hacks for 10X Cheaper Leads by Growth Expert Hamlet Azarian

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Are you struggling to reduce your per-lead costs in digital advertising? Do you want to learn proven growth hacks that can help your business succeed in the digital landscape? Then this podcast is just for you!

In this podcast episode on GrowthExperts, Hamlet Azarian, CEO and Founder of Azarian Growth Agency and, speaks with the host of GrowthExperts podcast, Dennis Brown, about how to reduce your per-lead costs by up to 10 times using Facebook and Google ads.

As a senior growth advisor and marketing expert, Hamlet blends his marketing, technical, and operational skills to deliver long-term and scalable growth for traditional, direct mail, and digital companies.

He reveals his secret to getting new clients and shares his insights on the importance of offline data and how to supplement it to optimize ads. 

Hamlet also breaks down his Google ad hack and introduces his favorite growth tool and how it works.

Are you looking for a book recommendation to help you grow your business? Hamlet shares his recommended read. Just check it out!

This podcast is a valuable resource for startups looking to reduce lead costs and increase growth in the digital market. 

Tune in to learn Hamlet’s proven strategies and insights.

Facebook and Google Ad Hacks: Key Learnings

2:35 – Introduction to Azarian Growth Agency (previously known as Retail Merchant Group)

5:17 – Growth Hacks for Getting Clients

8:17 – Valuable Facebook Ad Hacks for Better Leads

13:52 – Leveraging Offline Data

18:37 – The Power of Open Targeting

20:49 – Exploring

23:44 – Favorite Book

Mari Melikyan
Mari Melikyan
Mari Melikyan