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Insights on Business, Leadership, and Digital Marketing

Lilit Davtyan: Leading Innovations: Insights on Business, Leadership, and Digital Marketing with Phonexa’s CEO, Lilit Davtyan

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Podcast Summary

In this podcast episode on [A] Growth Ventures podcast, Hamlet Azarian, the CEO and Founder of the Azarian Growth Agency, will host Lilit Davtyan, the CEO of Phonexa. 

With a background steeped in business taxation and a journey marked by diverse roles, Lilit has been instrumental in steering Phonexa to its remarkable success.

In this podcast, we’ll delve into Lilit’s career transitions, her experiences, the challenges and learnings she has encountered, and her insights into the evolving landscape of digital marketing and business in the age of automation and AI. So, stay tuned!

Insights on Business, Leadership, and Digital Marketing: Key Takeaways

03:43Lilit’s Journey to USC, Master of Business Taxation

06:37 – Working Experience at Price Waterhouse Coopers

09:31 – Transition to Zero Paralell

13:28 – Phonexa Holdings and Its Affiliate Companies

15:33 – Mastering Financial Autonomy: Phonexa’s Journey to Positive ROI Without Venture Backing

17:55 – Advanced Technology in Modern Marketing with Phonexa

28:26 – Unraveling Big Bets That Flopped and The Lessons Gained

30:33 – Team Culture: Holding Each Other Responsible

37:37 – Roles Shared Between Lilit and Her Husband David

45: 31 – Tips & Tricks On What Organizations Should Focus On

48:18 – Viewpoint On Ad Tech World, Marketing Tech World, Data Privacy Issues And Cookies Going Away

52: 32 – One Bet in The Future of Different Technologies that Start Coming Out

About Podcast Host

Hamlet Azarian, the host of the Growth Ventures Podcast, is a seasoned growth expert with 20 years of experience. As the CEO of Azarian Growth Agency, he’s raised over $269.1M for groundbreaking tech startups. Balancing data-driven strategies with creativity, Hamlet is passionate about helping startups reach their full potential. Tune in to learn from this Southern California-based innovator, entrepreneur, and family man.

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