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Supporting Early-Stage Startups In Armenia And The United States

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In this podcast episode on CivilNet, Hamlet Azarian, CEO and Founder of Azarian Growth Agency, speaks with Mark Dovich, Assistant Editor at CivilNet, about supporting early-stage startups in Armenia and the United States.

As this thought-provoking discussion unfolds, Hamlet provides his nuanced insights into the contemporary Armenian business environment. His hands-on experience and profound understanding offer an unparalleled perspective, casting light on the opportunities that lie within Armenia’s evolving marketplace.

No conversation with Hamlet would be complete without tapping into his knowledge of the tech world. As the dialogue moves forward, listeners will gain a deep understanding of his outlook on the IT sector in Armenia and how he envisions it evolving in the future.

The conversation will culminate with Hamlet’s valuable advice for those in the diaspora who are eager to start a business or invest in Armenia, yet may feel overwhelmed about where to begin.

Tune in to this episode of CivilNet podcast for an enlightening journey through the landscape of Armenian entrepreneurship with Hamlet Azarian. It’s a conversation you’ll not want to miss.

Supporting Early-Stage Startups In Armenia And The United States: Key Takeaways

0:21 – Hamlet Introduces Himself and the Activity He Conducts in Armenia 

03:44 – The Armenian Business Environment Today

06:54 – The IT Sector In Armenia: How is It Moving Forward? 

09:20 – Advice From Hamlet Azarian to Those Who Want to Start a Business or Make an Investment in Armenia