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Accelerating Startup Success: A Conversation with Hamlet Azarian on Effective Growth Strategies

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In this podcast episode on Marketing Mistakes, Hamlet Azarian, CEO and Founder of Azarian Growth Agency, speaks with Stacy Jones about the best SEO strategies and growth hacks for startups. Hamlet has a wealth of experience in growing startups and uses his marketing, technical, and operational skills to help companies of all sizes achieve long-term scalable growth.

How can one create authority with valuable content and relevant backlinks? What’s the secret of scaling effectively? And how can data help a startup’s growth?

Hamlet explains the significance of data in a startup’s growth and how it can help inform the go-to-market strategy. Hamlet suggests creating valuable content, acquiring relevant backlinks, and partnering with influential websites to build authority and scale effectively.

During the episode, Hamlet shares his experience in growing startups and the strategies he uses to increase monthly traffic through SEO. He emphasizes the importance of targeting the right audience and understanding their intent. 

Hamlet shares his approach to working with early-stage startups, which involves humanizing the process and product, creating customer personas and profiles, understanding the problem, and finding the right audience.

Finally, Hamlet offers three valuable advice for startups looking to grow efficiently. He emphasizes the importance of not being afraid to create content, even if it’s not perfect, and the significance of finding mutually beneficial partnerships.

Ready to boost your startup’s growth? Listen to this must-hear podcast featuring expert insights from Hamlet Azarian. Discover the secrets to effective SEO strategies, the role of data in scaling, and valuable advice for founders. Tune in now and elevate your business to new heights.

Accelerating Startup Success: Key Learnings

1:56 – Journey to Digital Marketing Success

6:00 – Helping Early-Stage Customers Get on the Right Path

7:54 – Effective Strategies for Working with Early-Stage Startups

12:27 – Go-To-Market Strategy

14:45 – The Importance of Valuable Content and SEO for Startup Growth

20:19 – The Production Process for Creating Compelling Content

21:42 – Building Processes for Clients 

23:44 – Clusters, Pillar Pages, and Search Intent for SEO

29:15 – Three Valuable Startup Tips

34:35 – Exploring Tool for Startup Growth

38:45 – Pricing Strategies

Mari Melikyan
Mari Melikyan
Mari Melikyan