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How to Grow a Start-up

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In this podcast episode on EVN Report, Hamlet Azarian, CEO and Founder of Azarian Growth Agency, shares his insights and experiences in the world of start-up growth with Njdeh Tsaturyan. 

From discussing the essence of growth and the metrics tracked in start-up growth to sharing favorite growth hacks and the transformative impact of AI on marketing, Hamlet offers valuable perspectives. 

He also highlights his involvement in the Armenian ecosystem, his work with SmartGate and Hero House, and the key roles that need further development. 

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of start-up growth and Hamlet’s vision for the Azarian Growth Agency’s future!

How to Grow a Start-up: Key Takeaways

0:44 – Hamlet Introduces Himself And His Journey Into The World Of Start-Up Growth


  • What is Growth? 
  • What Does It Actually Mean to Work in Start-Up Growth?
  • What Data-Driven Approach The Azarian Growth Agency Takes To Growth Marketing, And What Metrics They Track To Ensure That Start-Ups Reach Their Growth Goals.

18:04 – The Stage Companies the Azarian Growth Agency Works With

22:00 – Traction From MVP Stage To Series A And Beyond

26:03 –  Favorite Growth Hacks of Hamlet Azarian

27:52 – How AI is Changing the Overall Marketing Landscape: Transition From Search To Conversational Models 

32:17 – Hamlet Introduces How He Got Involved in the Armenian EcoSystem: His Work with SmartGate and Hero House

41:30 – AGrowth Academy

46:01 – The Key Roles That Are Missing In Armenia That Need To Be Further Developed

48:02 – Where Does Hamlet See the Azarian Growth Agency in 5-10 Years?