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Nick Krasney: Inside the Business Models: How To Achieve Success In The Growth Industry

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In the latest episode of A Growth Ventures podcast, Nick Krasney, Entrepreneur and Product Manager at Google, takes listeners on an insightful journey through his entrepreneurial experiences with Hamlet Azarian, CEO & Founder of Azarian Growth Agency

Starting off with his roots in entrepreneurship, Nick delves into the creation of streaming service, Philo, emphasizing the importance of the right advisory team to shape growth and propel the business forward.

He then segues into his tenure at Raydiant, sharing valuable lessons he gained during that period. His wealth of experience, combined with the challenges faced, have enriched his understanding of business models and their integral role in defining growth and operational tactics.

With a transition to Google, Nick continues to enhance his learning curve, gaining insights that he believes would have been useful in his previous roles. The discussion then takes an intriguing turn as he explores the realm of Generative AI, indicating its potential influence on business strategies and operational efficiencies. 

Overall, Nick provides an enlightening exploration of business models through his diverse experiences and learnings. Stay tuned!

How To Achieve Success In The Growth Industry: Key Takeaways

1:05 – Introduction To The Journey Of Entrepreneurship

6:29 – Sharing The Story Of Starting The Streaming Service Philo

15:41 – Finding the Right People (Advisors) to Help Shape Growth

22:24 – Talking About Raydiant And Nick’s Experience There

34:20 – The Biggest Lessons Learned

39:04 – Lessons Nick is Learning Working at Google

46:29 – Talking about Generative AI

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Hamlet Azarian, the host of the Growth Ventures Podcast, is a seasoned growth expert with 20 years of experience. As the CEO of Azarian Growth Agency, he’s raised over $269.1M for groundbreaking tech startups. Balancing data-driven strategies with creativity, Hamlet is passionate about helping startups reach their full potential. Tune in to learn from this Southern California-based innovator, entrepreneur, and family man.

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