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Brian Mac Mahon: Brian Mac Mahon: A Visionary’s Approach to Startup Mentorship and Global Entrepreneurial Success

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In this episode on [A] Growth Ventures podcast, Brian Mac Mahon, the Founder and CEO of Expert DOJO, a prominent startup accelerator in Southern California, shares his insights into the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship.

Brian delved into the journey of startups reaching the unicorn stage and highlighted success stories from Expert DOJO.

This episode is a must-listen for those seeking valuable insights and strategies to navigate the startup world.

Key Takeaways

2:00 – Expert DOJO’s Activity

2:50 – Brian’s Entrepreneurship Journey  

7:20 – Learnings Traveling Around the World

15:15 – The Philosophy Behind Expert DOJO

24:50 – How Accelerators Help Startups

31:10 – Tips for Startups to Get to Unicorn Stage

34:23 – Expert DOJOSuccess Stories

43:55 – Brian’s Vision of Future Investment Trends 

47:40 – Message for Early Stage Startups


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