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Welcome to [A] Growth Academy, where hands-on experience is the key to learning and growth.

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Unlock Your Growth Potential - Learn, Apply, and Become a Student at [A] Growth Academy

Welcome to [A] Growth Academy – your key to unlocking your growth marketing potential.

We provide innovative marketing courses that blend theory with hands-on experience. Our mission? Empower ambitious professionals with the knowledge and tools they need in today’s rapid-paced growth marketing landscape.

But we’re not just an educational institution. We’re a bridge, connecting eager individuals with startups desperate for marketing savviness. Our academy cultivates these symbiotic relationships, fostering mutual growth and success.

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Hamlet Azarian, CEO of Azarian Growth Agency

Hamlet Azarian

Hamlet Azarian is a seasoned growth expert with 20 years of experience. As the CEO of Azarian Growth Agency, he’s raised over $250M for groundbreaking tech startups. Balancing data-driven strategies with creativity, Hamlet is passionate about helping startups reach their full potential. Tune in to learn from this Southern California-based innovator, entrepreneur, and family man.


Lusine Mnatsakanyan

Lusine Mnatsakanyan is a rising star in startup wizardry, surpassing expectations with her data-driven creativity! With a potent blend of data-driven creativity, she crafts impactful marketing campaigns, delivering tangible results. Setting and exceeding goals, she constantly seeks new growth opportunities, making her an unstoppable force! Get ready for an electrifying journey with Lusine, the trailblazing growth marketer reshaping the digital landscape.


For Individuals:

Make a Difference

At [A] Growth Academy, you won’t just learn, you’ll impact real businesses.You’ll work in teams to craft unique growth strategies for startups, driving their success.

Engage in Active Learning

We value the power of learning by doing. You’ll partner with startups,
applying lessons from the classroom to stimulate real growth. Acquire
tangible skills and cultivate valuable relationships in this team-oriented

Run Experiments

Don’t just study tactics – apply them. You’ll run live experiments with
startups, using your newfound knowledge. This hands-on approach enhances your understanding, preparing you for a thriving career in growth marketing.

For Startups:

A customized experimentation roadmap

Participants in the course will receive a personalized roadmap outlining potential growth experiments tailored to their startup’s specific needs, enabling them to execute these experiments effectively.

Cutting-edge data analysis and growth marketing expertise

The course offers access to the latest data analysis techniques and top-of-the-line growth marketing expertise, empowering participants to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Fresh perspectives from diverse young talent

Engaging with a diverse pool of young talent, startups gain access to innovative solutions and fresh perspectives, fostering a dynamic environment that sparks creativity and drives impactful results.


Who Can Join [A] Growth Academy

For Individuals:

  • Aspiring Professionals: Are you planning to break into growth marketing? This course is for you.
  • Marketing Experts: If you’re a marketer aiming to sharpen your growth strategy skills, come join us.
  • Students and Graduates: Got a passion for marketing? Eager to focus on growth marketing? Enroll now.

For Startups:

  • Startups: Want to delve deeper into growth marketing principles? This is your place.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you’re planning a business venture and need effective marketing strategies, look no further.

Module 1

Understanding Growth Marketing:

We kick off with an introduction to growth marketing. You’ll learn the distinctions between traditional and growth marketing, comprehend growth marketing structures, grasp data-driven decision-making, and appreciate the value of failure in growth strategies.

Module 2

Unraveling Growth Strategies:

Module 2 plunges into the growth ecosystem. You’ll explore various marketing channels, learn to map customer journeys, and understand the significance of A/B testing and experimentation.

Module 3

Acquiring and Activating:

This module sheds light on acquisition and activation. You’ll explore the structure and measurement of effective campaigns, delve into SEO and paid advertising, and learn to optimize conversions through real-world scenarios.

Module 4

Retention for Growth:

Module 4 focuses on customer retention. You’ll understand the elements of successful retention strategies, compare various tactics, and learn to maintain customer engagement for long-term success.

Module 5

Case Study:

In the final module, you’ll put your knowledge to the test with a real-world case study. Develop growth experiments, perform research, create personas, and execute strategies. This hands-on experience will elevate your strategic thinking in a practical growth marketing context.

Bonus Module

Guest Speakers

Sargis Karapetyan

Tech Entrepreneur, CEO at UATE

Vahagn Sarksyan

Senior Director of Marketing at Krisp

Narek Safaryan

CEO at RenderForest

Why Partner with [A] Growth Academy


By partnering with us, your startup will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive competitive research analysis to better understand your market positioning and assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • A customized experimentation roadmap outlining potential growth experiments for course participants to execute on your behalf, tailored to your startup’s needs.
  • Access to cutting-edge data analysis techniques and top-of-the-line growth marketing expertise.
  • Innovative solutions and fresh perspectives from a diverse pool of young talent.
  • Recruit and evaluate potential team members, identifying candidates who fit your company culture and possess the necessary skills.
  • A platform for mentorship, where you can share your knowledge and skills with the next generation of entrepreneurs, instilling a strong culture of learning, development, and innovation.
  • Awareness of your start-up’s brand and products generating valuable publicity and building a reputation as an innovative, socially responsible, and dynamic organization, which supports the formation of a growth marketing ecosystem in Armenia.
Our Growth Team


We carefully assess and pair students and startups according to their unique stages and needs. We aim to provide each participant, be it a student or a startup, with a learning experience designed to match their individual requirements.

August 31, 11:29pm


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Growth Fundamentals Course, FAQs
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There will be a total of 5 startups participating in the Academy.
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